There are all kinds of jarred pasta sauces on the market, but the Singing Chef sauces are sono buoni, numero uno!”

-  John Frey

Frey I love Andy's Tomato Basil sauce. It's tasty and just the right consistency for spaghetti or lasagna. And it makes me so happy to see the Singing Chef greet me every time I use it. Suzan

- Suzan Gail

Gail Andy's sauces are the best I have tasted. When I look at the huge selection of pasta sauces, LoRusso's is at the top of my list. It has flavor, texture, and most of all, fond memories of a glorious meal!

- Tom Krupa.

If you ever wondered how The Singing Chef got so popular…it’s not just because of his voice…it’s his fabulous sauces, from recipes hand down through the generations.

 - Scott Shook

I bought the sauces created by chef Andy LoRusso and they're a family favorite now. I've used them in a couple of Andy's recipes and they're also delicious on any simple pasta dish. They're rich and savory and perfectly seasoned! Try them, I promise you'll love them all.

- Jaime Large

From one Italian to another I can't say enough about The Singing Chef pasta sauces. Buonissimo! I love the Vodka Cream Sauce and serve it tossed with farfalle and salmon. I use Grandma's Original Sausage & Fennel as a topping for pizza then add peppers, onion and mozzarella. And my favorite is the sweet Tomato Basil marinara which is so versatile, I use it for eggplant parmesan, baked ziti and arancini. Delizioso, Bravo mi Amico!!! Ciao

- Diane Harding

Andy LoRusso Excellent sauce, homemade flavor, generous amount, works great with all pasta. Especially good with cheese ravioli!

- Suzanne Warzon